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ASIO4ALL 2.11 Beta1 (Самый новый) и предидущие версии
[ · Скачать удаленно (2.16 Mb) ] 22.06.2012, 17:31
04 February 2012: Version 2.11 Beta 1

Finally, something new for you to mess around with!
ASIO4ALL 2.11 Beta1

Changes since version 2.10:

Support multiple sample rates concurrently - for as long as they are physically derived from a common master clock, are integer multiples of each other (except 44.1/48kHz special case), etc...

Support a number of sample rates on the ASIO side that the audio device does not physically support. Basically, this means an extension to the on-the-fly rate conversion capabilities.

Fix a regression introduced in 2.10 related to input device aggregation

Minor stuff, as usual...

12 June 2010: Version 2.10 released!

Combined 32/64 bit version, supports Win 98SE/ME/2k/XP/MCE/2003/XP64 and Vista/Windows 7 x86/x64
ASIO4ALL 2.10 - English
ASIO4ALL 2.10 - Russian (Translation: Egor Petrov) 

Changes since version 2.10 beta 1:

Fix a number of relatively minor application compatibility problems

Remove item redundancies in the GUI WDM device tree. Fix issue that certain configurations (e.g. "Disable all outputs") would not be saved/restored.

Improve audio device surprise removal recovery. Now typically the response to removal/re-insertion of an (USB, ...) audio device would be to recover from the event and resume audio streaming.

Workaround for full-duplex issue with Realtek HD audio drivers on certain Acer laptops.

General, but minor performance improvements under Vista and Win7.

Default audio device configuration changed to skip HDMI audio.

3 December 2009: Version 2.10 Beta 1

Changes since version 2.9:

Workaround for a VIA HD Audio driver issue under XP

Fix two 64 bit compatibility issues that could have prevented it from working at all

Improve performance (latency) of USB audio class devices in Windows 7

Improve latency compensation accuracy of USB audio class devices in XP and Vista

Re-enable WaveRT event mode for Windows 7 WOW64. Used to be broken in Vista (ksthunk.sys), fixed in Windows 7

The control panel now remembers the previous selection in the device tree view

Improve input-output synchronization in a certain number of device aggregation scenarios

Minor changes, this and that - as usual...

5 November 2008: Version 2.9 released!

Update 21 August 2009: Turkish localization added.

Update 18 August 2009: Spanish localization added.

Update 31 March 2009: Portuguese localization added.

Update 16 March 2009: Russian localization added.

Update 15 Nov: Italian localization added.

Combined 32/64 bit version, supports Win 98SE/ME/2k/XP/MCE/2003/XP64 and Vista x86/x64

Some localizations are still in the pipe. In order to avoid duplicate work, please do not send unsolicited translations! If you want to help with localization and you really mean it, please be prepared to also write the/a manual in your language! Hacking the GUI is fun (I know), but without a native manual, folks will still be lost!
ASIO4ALL 2.9 - English
ASIO4ALL 2.9 - Russian (Translation: Egor Petrov) 

Changes since version 2.9 beta 5:

Fix a minor issue with the default configuration in x64

Changes to the ASIO buffer size now only take effect when the slider is released, avoiding a possible reset message storm for the host.

ASIO channel names that are too long are cut off a little more intelligently.

Add workaround for HD Audio input "Chopper Sound" issue on some Vista systems.
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